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CW: suicide, self-harm, emotional abuse, and sexual violence/abuse are mentioned below and may be triggering. Please read with care.

When many look back at their senior year of high school, they might remember the college acceptances, the prom, the sports games, and the last hurrah. I think of sexual violence, dramatic hair loss, and the “friends” that I lost. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, here’s my story:

During my senior year, I was dating a woman who used to be one of my closest friends. I was dating her virtually in secret. She had strict parents and had…

By: Linzy Rosen

In light of the rising cases at universities and college campuses across the U.S., including my own, here are my own best practices. Of course, always consult with your doctor or primary care specialist before trying anything new for your body, check product ingredients for allergens, and know that these precautions cannot 100% guarantee you won’t get COVID-19.

Animated image of college students packing up their belongings due to COVID-19 shutdown. Credit: Mai Ly Degnan for NPR. Source:
  1. Always wash your hands before washing your face or brushing your teeth — the door handle, locks, knobs, and other surfaces could have COVID or other germs.
  2. Always wear your mask outside your room (or in your room if…

By: Linzy Rosen

When Jessica Gutierrez talks about her five young children, the recent behavioral changes she notes aren’t the result of the pandemic or the technology age. The difficulty in school and the sudden slip to incontinence seemed unexplainable. But, it mirrored the dramatic shift Nikiya Wakes saw in her own son, Jaylon. The two share the same zip code as Gutierrez. In a single school year, Jaylon fell into hysteria, racking up 30 suspensions and 70 unexcused absences. Initially, the two mothers did not obtain a diagnosis for their children. They received one for their city.

It was…

By: Linzy Rosen & Kristen Miller

Universal child care, or federally subsidized child care, is regarded as a radical, deeply partisan issue in the United States. But, it has not always been this way; in fact, it was once considered a necessity to the federal government. Understanding the forgotten legacy of universal child care and uplifting the narratives of working women can help us cut through the current political stalemate and ensure our response to COVID-19 re-opens the economy for every worker. It’s time to make the workforce an equitable place for women, once and for all.

Child Care during World War II?

During World War…

Dear teachers, friends, family, law enforcement officers, call center employees, restaurant staff, and possibly everyone I’ve ever crossed paths with: no, I’m n-not nervous. The stereotypical rebel teen that isolates herself from her friends and family with a raw inability to communicate how she feels used to be like me, but it was not by choice. Sometimes, an emotional blockade is not to blame. Rather, it’s a speech disorder. And, it’s part of a complex web of speech culture.

Let’s flash back to 2015, my sophomore year of high school. That year, I inexplicably began to stutter. While my stutter…

Image via: The Telegraph

For many, the results of Super Tuesday were painful. In a race that started with six viable women, not one remains. For many canvassers, phone bankers, and activists, this moment could not have come sooner. Mass media, Twitter, and college campuses across the country have been buzzing with presidential election activism for months. Many Gen Z first-time voters are teeming with glee at their opportunity to defeat President Trump with a single vote. I, too, long for election day. But, it’s not this simple. In the midst of the 2020 excitement, I am left feeling shaken and alarmed. It is…

Linzy Rosen

Writer, activist, and student. Interested in politics, climate, and equity. Bylines include Teen Vogue.

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